To Be or Not To Be…or See

7 May


Concealer is the trickiest to get right.  They are either too thick and get cakey under eyes, or too thin and once you try to blend them in, they literally disappear, and so does their coverage.

Veil Concealer

Not so anymore.  I discovered these fabulous concealers Veil Complexion Fix a couple years ago at the Makeup Show, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I even just gave up 2 to an “A” listers personal makeup artist who cornered me on a Set wondering what I was using on my “B” list actress because she looked fab, while said “A” lister wasn’t looking so fab under the eyes, and her makeup artist was really struggling.  They’re a bit pricey at $40 each, but well worth it for this Makeup Artist.

They dry almost instantly and just blend right in- I LOVE these- talk about making my job much easier! Also great for someone who doesn’t really need a foundation, just a few spots to cover up here and there. One of my favorite finds….

Stay Gorgeous Girls…


Stop Wasting Money & Leaving it at The Bottom of Your Makeup Jar

5 May


  Now this product is just genius! Ever see a product and wonder, “Now why didn’t I think of that”? Well this one struck that chord with me.  For years I’ve been annoyed at wasting money and literally throwing it away with bottles of makeup, creams, lotions etc when you couldn’t get that last drop. […]

Tired of Your Nails Breaking or Not Even Growing?

5 May


Then check out this great new nail strengthener flying off the shelves…! Probelle nail treatments offer two unique formulas designed to cure, repair and restore damaged nails. Probelle not only strengthens and grows nails, but it also acts as durable base coat for nail polish, giving that perfect manicured look, for less. Why is Probelle different […]

Crazy Eyes on the Red Carpet

24 Jun


If you haven’t jumped onto the Orange Is The New Black bandwagon yet, hurry up.  This hit is sweeping the world.  One of the most impressive performances is that of my favorite, Uzo Aduba in her role as ‘Crazy Eyes’.  Uzo kicks into high gear with this character. Crazy, unpredictable and leaving you wondering what […]

Shotglass Full of Summer Fun

23 Jun


  By now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that sun-screen with both UVA & UVB protection should be a regular part of your daily routine.  As we get older what once was considered a cute freckle is now somehow morphed into an age-spot or sun-spot, or worse- skin cancer. The […]

Beauty Alert- Red Wine- Drink It Up!

17 Mar


As the old saying goes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, so a new saying should be “a glass of red wine will give you more time”.    Most recent studies have shown that there are quite a few health benefits to drinking red wine, including a healthy heart.  But did you know […]

Beauty Alert- A MUST Have In Your Beauty Bag

14 Mar


I recently was asked by an actress what was the one item that I would recommend she could take on a trip when her Makeup bag wasn’t being allowed to travel along.  WHAT?  What kind of a trip is that? Not one for a makeup or skincare junkie!  Well, she was venturing off on a […]

Quick Fix For Chapped Lips

13 Mar


So you have dry chapped lips, and need a quick fix to stop the burning.  First of all STOP licking them.  As hard as it may be to resist the urge, it only makes them worse.  Avoid reaching for products like Vaseline, chapstick and carmex.  They are great for sealing moisture in your lips by […]

Queen Of Comedy Carla Collins Hits Hollywood

12 Mar


Carla Collins has made a name for herself here in Hollywood. Award winning comedian, actress, television host, and writer, she has been hailed by the Canadian press as “Canada’s Tina Fey” and the “Queen of Comedy” and headlines all over the United States and Canada. I recently had the pleasure of laughing my ass off […]

Beauty In Aging….

11 Mar


It has been a year since my 78 year old father had to have a triple by-pass.  The year that followed was at times the most emotionally painful, and yet looking back, in some ways the most precious time I had. It forced me to slow down, to basically get off the bus of life, […]