The only safe tan is one out of a bottle!

18 Aug


Titanium Self TannerI recently overheard a young 20-ish female talking to her friends about her fading tan, and how she needed to get out to the beach for a MAJOR tan job before heading back to College.  As these girls were discussing their “tanning go-to products” I was horrified to hear the one say “I only want a SAFE tan” as she reached for the SPF 15 bottle of sunscreen.

Now in my world, SPF 15 really is not much of a sunscreen.  AND hold the phone here ladies….SAFE TAN?  The ONLY safe tan is one that comes out of a bottle!  If this young lady continues her “safe tanning” into her 30’s she can kiss sunspots and skin cancer a big hello when she reaches her 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

Don’t do it!  Back away from the beach if you’re going to simply lay on a towel after lathering on a little oil or sunscreen that will barely protect the darkest skin.  To keep your body singing a beach bronze glow well into the Fall, reach for a good Self Tanner.  My favorite, and the #1 rated self tanner as see on  The Today Show, California North’s Titanium Self Tanner .

CA North’s fabulous Self Tannecreates a natural looking tan that adjusts with skintone for a beautiful glow. The best part is the fresh clean scent, that leaves no chemical after smell like the majority on the market today. Featured on NBC’s The Today Show as one of the best on the market.

Tip: Exfoliate your body in the shower prior to applying self tanner.   A spoonful of sugar rubbed over your skin will rid you of any dead skin cells, adding life to your tan. Follow up with a nice lather of California North’s Action Moisturizer for soft silky skin.

And whatever you do……don’t buy into the fact that there is a SAFE tanning method.  If it involves laying in the sun, or using a tanning bed you are taking yourself down the path that leads to skin cancer!



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