What Grade Would Your Makeup Bag Score in Safety?

24 Aug


LipstickEver wonder what all those fancy ingredients are in your favorite beauty lotions and potions?  You know the ones, they’re 29 letters long and you can’t even pronounce them let alone rattle off their origin or their purpose.  Well, curiosity has gotten the best of me, and over the last couple years, I have been making a conscious effort to rid my makeup case, of the products that include nasty ingredients.  So, now it’s time to share some of them with you.

  • PARABENS– The biggest offender to me!  If you are still in the dark about this one, I encourage you to do your own research.  You will be amazed that the FDA has allowed this in our products.  Considered the bad-ass of harmful chemicals, it is found in almost
    every product you put on your skin.  Methylparaben, Propelparaben, Butylparaben, sound familiar?  If it ends in paraben, it’s a PARABEN!  And nasty stuff!  Most commonly used as a preservative for lotions, creams, shampoos and anything in a cream type base.  Believe it or not, there are alternatives, but companies would have to reformulate their products to work with another preservative, often costly and time-consuming, so until
    the FDA jumps aboard and insists they remove it, you’ll continue to see it.  However, some companies are quickly jumping on the Paraben-FREE bandwagon.
    So what is it that the parabens do?  Well, they are tolerated by most people, but are classified as toxic chemicals when applied to the skin.  Hmmm, well isn’t that pretty much what you’re going to do with your favorite moisturizer, eye cream, hand lotion and body
    lotion?  I mean after all, it can’t rid you of the wrinkles by just sitting on your bathroom counter now can
    it?  Maybe it’s just me, but I’m just not sure I would buy a face cream that carried a warning, *may be toxic if applied to skin. In 2004, in an article by the Journal of Applied Toxicology, it was linked to Breast Cancer.  The debate is a big one, and many are on the fence, but I encourage you to do your own research.  Don’t take anyone’s word for it.  I’ve chosen to start going Paraben free when possible.  Now, if you’re sitting there thinking, “Great, is she telling me to throw out the entire    contents of my bathroom”.  No, silly woman, but what I am suggesting, is that as you finish products you may want to try alternatives.  Healthier ones.  And if there is that one product that you just can’t live without, try to limit your exposure to it.  So instead of lathering on that body butter 5 times a day, try to limit yourself to once
    a day.  It’s your choice.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate– Either way your look at it they’re SULFATES
    and they’re dangerous.  Most commonly used as a sudsing agent, they’re found in shampoos, soap,
    hand soap and anything that needs to suds, lather or foam up.  And believe it or not folks, it’s a known carcinogen, and most often causes allergic reactions, contact dermatitis and headaches.  Many shampoos are now available that are sulfate-free.  And one of the advantages is that your hair color will last longer when you ditch the sulfate in your shampoo.  Although the sulfate helps the product to create a fabulous lathering foam, it will strip your hair of its natural oils as well as hair color.
  • Lanolin– Although lanolin is natural and non-toxic, it is derived from the wool of sheep.  However, any chemical used on the sheep or wool contaminates the lanolin. The
    majority of lanolin used in cosmetics is highly contaminated with organo-phosphate pesticides and insecticides.   Most humans seem to develop an allergy to lanolin products when applied to the skin repeatedly. Especially when used in lotions and  creams that don’t wash off. This is especially true with the use of lanolin
    .  Just something to be aware of.
  • Aluminum- A metallic element used in antiperspirants and antiseptics. Many studies have linked aluminum and breast cancer.  There is a reason your body perspires.  It’s the body’s natural ability to rid itself of toxins.  But when aluminum is in antiperspirants, it blocks the pores of the skin; preventing the toxins we already have from being excreted in that area. The toxins then go to the closest fat reserve: the breasts or even  the brain.   There have been many suggested links of aluminum to Alzheimer’s.   For many this ingredient is just  something they will not sacrifice.  To me, I just don’t see the need to risk my life and/or health for  deodorant.  There are several Natural alternatives to try that aren’t full of aluminum.   My favorites, Arm & Hammer paraben & aluminum free deodorant and Tom’s Natural deodorant.  Steer clear of antiperspirants as they are more likely to contain aluminum.  Aluminum compounds [Magnesium Aluminum Silicate] are known to be neurotoxic to humans.  Whatever you do, avoid them at all costs.

Now you may be thinking….is she trying to scare us?  Well, maybe.  I’m actually trying to get you to start READING LABELS!  Food isn’t the only thing you should be checking labels on.  Lets face it people, you absorb all the chemicals right into your bloodstream whenever you apply something to your skin. I would rather die old as a wrinkled woman who enjoyed my life, than a fabulous looking young women taken way too soon, while everyone made the same comment over my casket “she was so young”.  The choice is yours.  You control what goes on your skin, so do your best to make sure that the products you are using aren’t loaded with known carcinogens and toxins.  No need to empty your makeup bag into the trashcan, but as you run out of things, if you know that what you’re using is full of nasty ingredients, make the attempt to move into a healthier direction.  After all, there is no need to die for beauty!





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