Liven Up Your Locks!

7 Sep


“Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like.”  ~Author Unknown

Look out girls…if you have oily hair that greases up by mid-day or if your hair is baby fine and just won’t hold product or style into a fancy ‘do’….I have the product for you!  This handy little bottle was recommended by a friend who is plagued by oily hair, and needs to wash her hair every morning.  And forget about a quick change from day to night if she had a fancy evening affair to attend after work, a quick shower was a definite must if she wanted her hair to look as fresh as she did.

I bought a bottle at her suggestion, although I’m not a victim of either greasy locks or thin hair.  So I mainly bought it for my “kit” to have on hand when an actress needed a little bit of magic.  What a GREAT product!  A little is all you need to freshen up your scalp.  One of my favorite things about the powder, is something it wasn’t even developed for.  I found when I used it on an actresses clean, very fine baby hair, it gave her just the UMMMPHHHH she needed to create a full head of hair.  I sprinkled it through her roots and worked it in to the ends with a brush.  I was actually able to style her hair using velcro rollers, and she had height and volume.  A great little trick for adding volume to baby fine hair.

I LOVE the scent….lemon verbena so your hair smells fresh and just washed.  And of course, one of my favorite features is what is left OUT of the product..NO Parabens- Sulfates- Synthetic Dyes- Petro-Chemicals-Phthalates – GMO or Triclosan.   A 1 ounce bottle is $11 and just the perfect size to tuck into your purse or travel bag for quick touch-ups on the go!  You can find it at most Ulta’s, Sephora’s and some local beauty supplies!

Stay Gorgeous Girls!



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