Save $$$$- Arm Yourself with a Lip Brush!

10 Sep




Most women are looking to replace their favorite tube of lipstick when the tip is down to the metal edge…BUT there is just as much lipstick below that edge as there was above it.  SO, if you’re throwing your lipstick out, you are wasting product and MONEY!

Do yourselves a favor girls…..invest in a Lip Brush.  When your lipstick gets down to that point, use the brush to dig out the product.  You can keep these tubes in your bathroom drawer or work desk drawer and carry a fresh one with you in your purse.  Don’t throw money down the drain with the old tube!

And…a little trick for getting the most out of that lipbrush.  I prefer the retractable type, which can be pre-loaded as we say in the Beauty Biz, and will tuck nicely into your favorite jeans or fancy evening bag for a quick touch-up when space is of the essence.

Stay Gorgeous Girls!




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