Emmy Hits & Fumbles…

19 Sep


The 2011 Emmy’s went off with a bang.  Gorgeous dresses, tailored tuxedos, fancy hairstyles and polished makeup.  Some of the ladies really hit it out of the park, and then there were a few who really missed the boat.  Here are a couple of my favorites….and well, not so favorites.

Photo by Jon Kopaloff

Christina Hendricks looked lovely, BUT I would have chosen a different lip color!  Redheads beware…choosing RED lipstick is really tricky.  Often they will clash with your hair color.  In this look, I think Christina’s lips overpowered the rest of her face, and not in a flattering way.  Her eye makeup was gorgeous, and a simple understated “‘Do”, but her lips really ruined the look for me.  I would have opted for a little sheerer lip, or possibly something with a little warmer hue or with a touch of golden bronze. 

Julie Bowen hit it out of the park with this look.  Her hair was pulled back in a sleek ponytail, her makeup was polished and gorgeous.  And her winning style captured an Emmy, so it was a win-win night for her!

Photo by Steve Granitz

Lea Michelle was stunning!  Red was the color of the night, and she rocked this gown!  Her hair and makeup were simple, yet polished.  I think it really speaks understated elegance.  Her hair was sleek, and her makeup  was simple.  I might have chosen a bolder lip….maybe a gorgeous red making it the focal point.  But I think she looked fabulous!

Photo by Steve Granitz
Melissa McCarthy proved that you don’t have to be a size 2, 4 or 6 to be stunning and own your look.  She chose a gorgeous deep purple gown that just complimented her skintone so nicely.  She opted for loose curls for her shoulder length hair, and polished makeup.  A beautiful neutral glossy lip finished her look. It was a winning look, and she took home an Emmy, so her evening was a big win all the way around!
Photo by Steve Granitz
 AND MY EMMY GOES TO……JULIA STILES!  Julia was my FAVORITE look of the night!  She really hit it out of the park with this look.  A gorgeous gown and stunning jewelry showed off her fabulous figure.  I LOVED her hair!  Soft curls with her side shoulder sweep  was again, simple yet elegant.  Her makeup was stylish.  Soft smokey eyes, not too much cheek, and neutral glossy lips.  LOVED it!  Her manicure was polished and added just the right touch of color for her look.   She was the big winner of my night.
Photo by Steve Granitz
 WHAT WAS SHE THINKING??????  This one won my “not my favorite” of the night.  The sad thing for me is that Paz de la Huerta is a gorgeous woman, with a fabulous figure, but this look was just all wrong!  She has beautiful hair, yet it was too much!  Too much hair in her face covered up her beautiful face.  I would have pulled her hair off her face, leaving her long curls down, but opening up her face.  Now…lets talk about her face.  NOT my favorite makeup of the evening.  She needed a little more concealer to hide those circles, and I think a little liner on the bottom lashline definitely would have defined her eyes more.  I actually think a smoky eye would have been stunning on her.  But nothing bothered me as much as her choice of lipcolor.  YIKES!  I just couldn’t tell if it was truly a “putty” like hue, or if it had a touch of lavender in it….whatever it was, it didn’t do her justice.  A stronger lip color would have balanced her light eye makeup and pulled her look together.
Who were your favorites and not so favorites?

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