Beauty 101- Quick tip of the Day!

25 Sep


It’s always helpful to learn from your mistakes, because then your mistakes seem worthwhile.

-Garry Marshall

Nothing worse than completing your makeup for a special occasion then messing it all up with a smear of mascara!  Have no fear- mascara mishaps are easy to fix….but skip the MAKEUP REMOVER!  The biggest mistake most girls make is turning to a dab of remover on a q-tip!  Instead grab your favorite eye cream…….just a dot on the tip of your q-tip will dissolve any mistake you make, without removing more than you want.

The trouble with removers is that they often smear farther than that tiny spec you are trying to remove.  Then the troubled spot continues to grow, and not only is the spec gone but so is your concealer, foundation and anything else that was in its path.  So next time you have a little makeup snaffooooo….reach for the eye cream!


  • When creating a dark smoky eye, apply eye makeup BEFORE concealer and foundation.  This will allow you to wipe away any dark shadow that might fall under your eyes BEFORE applying your under-eye makeup.   It’s a great technique that not only saves time, but also product!

Stay Gorgeous Girls!



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