Goldie Hawn launches 10 Mindful Minutes

28 Sep

Goldie Hawn stops by ABC’s Good Morning America to promote her new book
’10 Mindful Minutes’

Goldie Hawn leaving the Set of Good Morning America

Kudos to actress Goldie Hawn for taking a hiatus from acting to do something she “loves” and has found purpose in.  Forming The Hawn Foundation, she is on a crusade to make our kids happier.   Her mission statement “Our mission is to help young minds by nurturing  resilience, hope, and
optimism.”  After years of scientific research her foundation launched MindUP™ ,  a family of social, emotional, and attentional  self-regulatory strategies and skills developed for cultivating well-being and  emotional balance.  In a nutshell….take a deep breath, BREATHE, relax your mind and open yourself to a more peaceful way of being.

Boy, if we were all taught these skills as children, we might not have as many cases of road rage and typical ‘flying off the handle’ by so many.  So- the question is…is it too late for the rest of us?  Don’t give up on yourselves yet girls- her techniques can help us all, and you can read all about them in her new book ’10 Mindful Minutes’ 

10 Mindful Minutes by Goldie Hawn

So as I was watching her on Good Morning America I could only think…gee I hope I look half as good as she does at 66.  Yes, you read that right…she is 66!  WOWZA!  She looks absolutely fabulous!  So if she has lived her life making sure to take 10 Mindful minutes a day, SIGN ME UP!

I am a firm believer that the old cliché is so true….Beauty is only skin deep!   So my Beauty tip for today is to make sure you are pampering the INSIDE before you pamper the outside.  Take 10 minutes for yourself each day.  Go to a quiet space, close your eyes, slow your breathing, and open your mind.  These simple daily techniques will open your mind, body and spirit to a more beautiful day!

Stay Gorgeous Girls!



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