Shannon Tweed gets Gene Simmons to tie the knot- FINALLY!

1 Oct


I think the biggest odds in Las Vegas this weekend MUST be on the Gene Simmons/Shannon Tweed wedding.   For 30 years, they have been the loves of each others lives, yet Gene was a die-hard bachelor!  Even after 2 kids, a house and a dog, I guess Gene somehow thought he just couldn’t be “tied” down.  REALLY?  I get it if you just don’t think you’re the marrying type and you just don’t want the committment…..but HELLO– you have TWO kids [now 19 and 22] a home you’ve shared for over 20 years, a dog etc.  I think your relationship is pretty rock solid here……just let the lady have her wedding day already!

Cause after all girls…we’re all about the BIG day.  The dress, the makeup, the hair, the mani’s and the pedi’s.  The “feeling like a princess” etc.  So after almost 30 years, Shannon is getting her big day.  TODAY.  Actually at 5:30 Beverly Hills time, she will be catching the guy who said he would NEVER marry.  But then again, I do believe she caught him 30 years ago, but shhhhh apparently he just never knew it!

LOVE the invitation sent out by their children Sophie and Nick –

“After 28 years of two loose strings, our parents have finally decided to tie the knot.  Our Mother will share our horrendous hyphenate of a last name and our Father’s life…well it doesn’t change that much.  But we will be united as a Family in title and spirit forever.  There will no longer be a Team Twee, or a Team Simmons, but instead a Team Tweed-Simmons, and as annoyingly long s that is, we hope you’re on it.”    

Now the only question left- what was her dress like?  Long, short, strapless, backless, white, ivory etc.  Of course the only question men are thinking- will he really go through with it?  He would be a fool not to, she adores him, and if truth be told, SHE dresses him up!

As a makeup artist, I can’t wait to see the pictures- I’m sure she’s going to look stunning!  Now if only she could convince him to get a complete Makeover- I think every hairstylist in town would like to get their hands on his hair.  Come on Gene, cut the 80’s “Do” and grow old in style.


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