Beauty 101- Longer, Stronger Lashes with One Daily Ritual

6 Oct


Ok ladies, a show of hands now- and be honest- how many of you NEVER remove your makeup at night?  Instead, you’d rather leave an imprint of your face on your pillowcase.  Time to change that habit ASAP! 

Especially if you’re a mascara wearer, you are making a huge mistake.  Lets face it, mascara isn’t the best thing for our lashes to begin with, but we’re willing to take the risk in the name of beauty.   As we age, our lashes start to thin out anyway, but the continued use of mascara takes its toll on them as well.  So ONE thing you can do, and it’s an easy one, is to make sure you REMOVE your make-up at night.  That’s it.  I told you it was easy!  Allowing your eyes to sit for 8 hours as you sleep allows them to breathe without the weight of mascara.  Over time, mascara left on too long becomes brittle, drying your lashes out and making them break very easily.  So- give them a break!  If you just can’t be bothered with a long nightly routine of cleansing, toning, moisturizing etc….at least grab a quick REMOVER.  This new Eco-Cert, tissue off, no rinse needed remover is quick and gentle and something you can do while watching TV.

So get with it girls…..REMOVE THAT MAKEUP!  And if your lashes are too far gone at this point, check our BIOLASH  a natural, hormone free, paraben free conditioner that strengthens lashes while promoting healthy lash growth.  


BioLash Lash Conditioner

So grab your remover girls, and TAKE OFF THAT MAKEUP !    


Stay Gorgeous Girls!



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