Sarah Jessica Parker Looking Elegant at the 15th Annual Human Rights Campaign

9 Oct


Simple, stunning, dazzling elegance- all that and a working Mom with a min-van too! 

Sarah Jessica Parker attended the 15th Annual Human Rights Campaign dinner in Washington D.C, where she introduced, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the winner of the Ally for Equality Award.

Looking dazzling as ever, Sarah wore a basic black cocktail dress with dazzling bejeweled pumps. 

She kept her look simple, and understated.   Her hair was down with loose curls cascading over her shoulders and framing her face.


Her makeup was classic.  Flawless skin.  Defined eyes, with neutral colors and lots of mascara to make them really pop.  Her lips were neutral giving her an overall polished look.  My absolute favorite LOOK- simple, understated elegance as I like to call it.  No need to overdo it here.  She was dressed for the occasion.

TIP:  When choosing a black dress, the color-wheel is your palette!  You can’t go wrong with any look.  Red lips, neutral lips, rose or plum- whatever your mood.  Keep your eyes neutral- that doesn’t mean you can’t play them up and go super smokey if you want, just keep the colors neutral [taupes, grays, browns] and they’ll blend with any lip color you choose. 

Feeling Daring?  Create a smokey eye with deep browns and bronzes, and add a luscious bronze lip to go with it- Or mix in some plums with gray for eyes that will catch their attention-add a soft nude pink gloss and you are sure to turn heads.

Stay Gorgeous Girls!



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