Kim Kardashian Stops by The Today Show

10 Oct


Kim stopped by the NBC Studios of the The Today Show to show off her her lovely manicure, oh and it just happened to be dripping in diamonds $2.5 million worth of them to be exact.  WOWZA!

Too much?  Uh, for me, yes!  Knowing my luck, I would venture out the same day some “would be diamond thief” would be eager to make his next heist, and he might be willing to cut my hand off to get that ring.  Not to mention I would have to schedule extra appointments with my Chiropractor because surely the weight of that ring would set my shoulders off balance.


And of course as lovely as the ring was, you know the Makeup Artist in me was all about her “look”.  I love that Kim often turns to one of my favorite hairstyles for her day on TV – a sleek ponytail.  It used to be my “go to” style whenever my hair wasn’t the freshest I wanted…ok, ok so it was downright dirty, and my only hope was to slick it back.  But girls, a ponytail can take you from daytime to the Red Carpet in a matter of minutes.  Low, high, curled, straight, with or without bangs, add side wisps or leave a few curled tendrils cascading around your face.  No matter what your mood, a classic ponytail can always be the answer when you have no idea how to wear your hair.

Stay Gorgeous Girls-




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