The Eyes Have It- 5 Tips for Getting Yours Noticed

14 Oct


“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides –-Audrey Hepburn  

What have you done for your eyes lately?  Over 60% of people say that the “eyes” are the first thing they notice in someone.  All the more reason to make sure that yours sparkle.

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your baby blues, greens, browns or hazels.

  • The eyebrows serve as a frame for our face and eyes.  Don’t neglect them!  You wouldn’t think of taping your favorite portrait to the wall without putting it in a frame now would you?  So don’t forget the frame of your face.  If you can barely see your brows, make sure to fill them in.  GIRLS who wear no makeup- LISTEN UP!  I’m speaking to you- if you don’t do anything else, please check out your brows, and if they disappear, fill them in.  Just a little neutral taupe shadow applied with an angle brush will do magic for your eyes.  I’m talking 2 MINUTES girls.  It takes 2 minutes, but will reap you rewards 10 times over.  And if they’re too bushy, TWEEZE!  A warm compress held on your eyebrow for a couple minutes will open up the hair follicle making tweezing almost pain free. 
  • Feed those eyes a cup of tea  Well, kinda.  For tired puffy eyes, steep 2 Chamomile tea bags for a minute to release the Chamomile.  Then shock them in cold water for 2 minutes.  Then lie down, close your eyes and apply 1 to each eye area for 10 minutes.  The Chamomile has anti-inflammatory benefits while the coolness of the tea bag acts as a cold compress for the puffiness.  An instant eye opener!        
  • In a 2003 study, women who applied an under-eye cream containing vitamin K and retinol every night for 12 weeks saw their dark under eye circles improve 33%. Try: NeoStrata Exuviance Bionic Eye Cream – $45
  • If you have a little extra luggage under that eye area, then bring the focus above the lashes by avoiding lower liner.  And skip the mascara on the bottom as well.  Then play up your upper lash line with liner and give those lashes a double dose of mascara.  This will bring the focus to the eyes, and not the wrinkling under the eyes.  
  • As we age, lashes start to thin out getting sparse.  Applied nightly BioLash will condition lashes, adding moisture while promoting new lash growth.  The result- longer stronger lashes in just 30 days of regular use.   

Stay Gorgeous Girls- and remember the eyes are the window to your soul! 



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