Prevent Acne Breakouts With a Few Daily Habits

15 Oct


Ever notice tiny little bumps on your chin, forehead or cheeks?  Feel like a teenager going through acne? Believe it or not, you expose your skin to unwanted bacteria with the use of several gadgets used daily.  Keep these tips in mind to help cut down your skins exposure to acne causing bacteria.

  • Don’t share a phone at the office with others.  If you must, wipe it down with an alcohol pad several times a day.  This ritual should be followed daily on your home phone as well.  
  • Cell phone users [and that pretty much defines us all] imagine the bacteria that collects on those guys.  They get thrown in purses and pockets, collecting bacteria, then you hold it up to your face…EWWWW!  Wipe it down daily with alcohol pads.  
  • IPOD users listen up.  You put those ear pieces in your ears, then toss them in purses, pockets and backpacks, where they, yep, you got it- collect bacteria!  Wipe them down before each use to make sure you’re not exposing your ears to unnecessary germs.
  • Ladies- don’t share your makeup with others!  Clean makeup brushes once a week, and store them in a sealed bag, not in a fancy brush container that sits on your bathroom counter when they are exposed to airborne bacteria.  Throw the free sponge tip applicators that come with makeup OUT!  They harbor bacteria. Use brushes to apply your makeup and wash them regularly.
  • WASH YOUR HANDS! For some, this concept is just foreign, but your hands pick up bacteria constantly, especially in the workplace where you are continuously sharing items with others.  Then you sit and rest your chin on your hands unconsciously, and yep, more bacteria! So wash your hands, and keep hand-sanitizer handy when you are in public places touching things that others have touched.
  • If you’re active, keep Witch Hazel wipes in your gym bag, back pack or glove compartment.  A quick wipe with Witch Hazel will freshen your skin, ridding it of any bacteria left behind from a workout sweat. 

Stay Gorgeous Girls!



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