Beauty Mistakes and How To Fix Them

17 Oct


Don’t be fooled by the gorgeous makeup on celebrities- remember, they have a Makeup Artist standing just feet from them to keep it all in place.  That’s what we do- that’s why they look flawless.  But we’ve all learned lots of tricks along the way to help make our job easier.  Here are a few of those techniques that might make your beauty routine less frustrating.

 My eyeliner always ends up smearing under my eyes- anyway to make it stay put?

Yep!  IF you’re using a pencil, ALWAYS buy a waterproof pencil.  Keep in mind, no pencil is completely waterproof, but some can be very water resistant.  My favorite Indelible Liner glides on smoothly, yet resists creasing and smearing.  And make sure you prep the skin PRIOR to applying.  Almost every eyeliner will run when it mixes with the natural oils of the skin, or with tears, so prep the area first by swiping a little pressed powder on a small Angle Brush over the area to completely absorb any oils left on your skin or moisture from your eye cream.  After applying, lock in your color with a matching eyeshadow.  Dab a little of the color over the liner with a small Angle Brush– this will set the color in just like powder sets your foundation.  These extra tips should make your liner STAY PUT for hours!


I’ve changed brands and types of foundation constantly yet, I always get the same results- my foundation always looks like its blotchy and gone just 2 hours after I put it on- what do I do?

No matter what type of foundation you are using, lock it in with Foundation Primer.  The weightless serum contains anti-oxidants that will seal in moisture, leaving your skin silky smooth and ready for foundation application.  It acts as a barrier between natural skin oils so they won’t interfere with your favorite foundation.


What is the best way to choose the right color foundation?

Contrary to the belief of many women behind the Cosmetic Counters in the department stores, the LAST place you test foundation colors is the inside of your arm, unless of course that’s where you intend to wear it!  I have never understood that concept.  The BEST place to try it is on your jawline.  The area that will blend between your face and your neck.  Now, keep in mind, most Makeup Artists never use 1 color on anyone.  When doing a makeup, I typically blend 2-3 colors to get the “ideal” color.  A lighter color down the T-zone will highlight that area bringing attention to the center of your face.  A darker color on the lower part of your face from cheekbones down might help to contour a full face, and the same color along the jawline might help to conceal a full chin.  For your ideal color; try several colors along your jawline, the one that disappears into your skin is your ideal shade.  My absolute FAVORITE Liquid Foundation is by NeoStrata- great colors, SPF 15 sun protection,  anti aging formula with anti-oxidants PHA and Vit. E, oil free and non-comeodogenic.  It’s long-wearing and smudge-resistant yet feels light as air.

Stay Gorgeous Girls!



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