Is That Mole Skin Cancer? There’s An App For That!

18 Oct


IPhone owners, Listen Up!  There is an app launching this week – SpotCheck – which will identify suspicious moles with a click of the iphone’s camera.   Within an hour you will have a general diagnosis of your mole.

Developed by Dr. Bobby Buka, a NYC dermatologist who, personally screens every submission. He guarantees a response within 24 hours—a promise that inspired him to create the app in the first place.  A typical Melanoma can penetrate the epidermis in less than 40 days — at which point the chance of survival goes down to 66 percent, Buka says. “One third of those patients will die,” Buka says. “Suddenly, that 38-day window becomes very relevant.”

You can download the app for free, however it costs $4.99 to submit a photo for review. If Dr. Buka determines that your mole is atypical, he will refer you to dermatologists in your area who  signed a contract promising to schedule any SpotCheck referrals within two weeks. “The tricky part about melanoma compared to other cancers, is that we don’t have any chemotherapy that works,” says Buka. “The only thing we can do is remove it, which is why you have to catch it early.”

The app is currently only available in California, New York and  New Jersey, as those are the only states Dr. Buka has found board certified dermatologists willing to participate in the SpotCheck criteria.  In November it will launch in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Florida, and hopefully to more states soon.

If you have a suspicious looking mole, contact your Dermatologist ASAP, or download the app and get a quick diagnosis to ease your mind.  And don’t forget to lather on that sunscreen.  Winter, spring, summer of fall, never leave home without it!

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