Itchy Nose, Allergy Sniffles, Need A Tissue, Get a Sniffle Buddie Instead

21 Oct


Just finished up work this week on two commercials, and glanced over at our Script Supervisor and was reminded of a GREAT, must have product- especially for Mom’s of allergy stricken kids- and actually ANY kid!  My commercial was full of them.  Two the first day, 3 the second, and like a responsible Makeup Artist, I was armed with my tissue box in hand.  My first little actress had just gotten over a cold, so she was all about rubbing her little nose between takes, and then it came to ME-  I NEED to spread the news about these fabulous little finds.

Sniffle Buddies® are the creation of Kelly Mayes [the Script Supervisor I mentioned above] who turned a MacGyver invention into a MUST HAVE by all!  Her son suffered from allergies and after a stay in the ICU, on his first trip back to a playground she wanted him to avoid as many ‘playground’ germs as possible, so she put a sweatband around his wrist as his ‘sniffle buddie’ so he wouldn’t wipe his nose on his sleeve, arm or whatever else he might find.  And with that…Sniffle Buddies® were created.

These aren’t just for kids with allergies, sit anywhere and watch people.  In the office, at Church, while watching a kids soccer game and count how many times you see an adult wipe their hand, sleeve or forearm across their nose.  Maybe it itches, maybe they have sniffles, they may have allergies, or have just gotten over a cold, or maybe it’s just a habit.  Whatever the case, Sniffle Buddies® confine the germs to one spot, then you remove them and toss them in the washer.

Their eco-friendly made of 70% Organic bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton, and 2% poly for stretch.  The antibacterial & anti-fungal properties are documented to last thru 50 washings.   Just think, using Sniffle Buddies® is another effort to Go Green!  Avialable in many colors and sizes.  Get one for everyone in the family!

Stay Gorgeous Girls- and let your little ones have gorgeous noses too!







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