Three Must Have Products for Gorgeous Hands

22 Oct


Hands can tell the entire story- so make sure that yours aren’t telling more than you want them to, like your TRUE age.  We tend to neglect them, and before you know it they look older than we do.  So follow these steps to keep yours feeling pampered:

  1. Exfoliate daily. A spoonful of sugar is all you need.  Rub into the backs of your damp hands and massage it in.  Rinse.
  2. Follow with a nightly dose of hand cream just before bed.  Keep a good hand cream on your nightstand, and apply it just before turning in for the night.  This will give it several hours to soak it and work its magic.  My favorite product for my hands good ‘Ol Jergens Ultra Healing.
  3. Don’t forget to wrap those hands in sunscreen.  Hands are the first place to show signs of aging with sunspots, known years ago as ‘liver spots’.  These lovely marks tell the tale as we age.  Start young, and give a dose several times a day.  My favorite sunscreen for face and hands. Neutrogena Pure & Free SPF 50  This lightweight instant dry formula give you full coverage without the use of harmful chemicals.  Pure sunscreen.  It comes in a small bottle that will tuck into a purse, backpack or anywhere you need it to for ‘on the go’ coverage.  Don’t forget to re-apply if you wash your hands!

Stay Gorgeous Girls~



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