Is Your Bathroom the Best Place to Store Your Makeup

24 Oct


Absolutely…..NOT!  Yet most of us do.  One of the quickest ways to expose your cosmetics to bacteria is to expose them to a daily dose of humidity from the bathtub or shower.  Here are a few tips to help extend the life of your cosmetics:

  • Store your makeup in your top dresser drawer, or vanity drawer. 
  • Keep makeup brushes in a ‘brush roll or wrap rather than in an upright container where they are exposed to airborne bacteria. 
  • Use tiny spatulas or a q-tip to get a dose of creme out of jar.  Avoid the urge to dip your finger in the jar.  And store cremes in the fridge to extend their life.
  • Each time you open new cosmetics write the date [month and year] on the bottom with a sharpie.  You’ll be amazed how quickly time flies and something that you thought you only had for a few months has now reached its “ditch” day.
  • When purchasing “special occasion” cosmetics that you’ll only wear occasionally like a Holiday sparkle shadow or waterproof mascara for Aunt Susie’s wedding, buy them in small travel type sizes.  No need to buy the jumbo size, as it will most likely see its “ditch” day long before you can use it up.     

And if by chance you just can’t seem to tear your makeup away from the bathroom, invest in a small Rubbermaid air-tight container to keep your cosmetics in.  Then store them inside a cabinet where they are out of the light.

Stay Gorgeous Girls!



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