Breast Cancer Survivor Olivia Newton-John Finds A Way to Give Back

25 Oct


In 1992, singer, song-writer and actress, Olivia Newton- John was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Just days later, her father died of Cancer.

17 years later she is Cancer free and an advocate for early detection and monthly self examinations.  “It was early detection, actually regular breast self-examination that saved my life when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When it comes to issues with our own breast health, it is better to know than not to know.”

She has teamed up with Dr. Ernie Bodai to help raise awareness of the need to teach young women about starting monthly self exams at age 20.

To learn more about the Liv© Kit visit  If you’re not performing routine self exams, start today!  And if you haven’t had your yearly mammogram, schedule one today!

Stop putting your health on the back burner and putting yourself last.  Without your good health, you won’t be around to take care of everyone else, so make yourself a promise to put your health first!

Stay Gorgeous Girls- and Healthy!



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