Holidays and Red Lips Make A Perfect Pair

29 Oct


Nothing makes lips more luscious around the holidays than a pout lined in RED!  Red lips speak elegance, old Hollywood, classic Marilyn Monroe look.  But nothing ruins a beautiful red lip more than chapped dry lips,  uneven lip-liner, bleeding lipstick or the wrong red for your skin-tone.  

Time to get your lips in shape so they are ready for the holidays, and RED!  Here are a few simple steps for getting your pout pucker perfect!

Blake Lively sparkles in Red

Step 1:

EXFOLIATE & MOISTURIZE– Nothing ruins a red lip more than dry flaky skin and cracked lips.  At least twice a week [more if you have really chapped lips] use a spoonful of sugar on a toothbrush dipped in a drop of olive oil- then scrub into lips.  The sugar will help exfoliate the dry skin and the olive oil will lock in a little moisture.  Follow with a dose of your favorite lip balm before bedtime.  My favorite- Smith’s Rosebud Salve.

Step 2:

CHOOSE A NUDE LINER– Nothing looks worse than an uneven lined red lip.  So ditch the matching liner, and go for a nude one instead.  This will allow you to get a nice even line without competing with your lip-color.

Taylor Swift puckers up with a red pout

Step 3:

CHOOSE COVERGIRL OUTLAST WHEN WEARNG REDS.  This is my ‘go to’ line of lipstick for reds.  Nothing looks worse than a red lip that is bleeding beyond the lip line, or one that has smudged and smeared after drinking a cocktail at your favorite party.  The Covergirl Outlast allows you to create a nice sharp line and will dry in less than a minute, and it will stay put for HOURS!

Janet Jackson dazzles with Red Lips

Step 4: 

CHOOSING THE RIGHT RED.  Your skin-tone will play a big role here.  Ladies with darker skin-tones will have a full color palette to play with.  Reds look beautiful on darker skin tones, so don’t fear them, embrace them.  If you’re very fair, consider a red gloss instead.  It will give you a softer look without feeling like your lips arrived 2 blocks ahead of you to the party.  If your smile isn’t the whitest and brightest choose a red with a blue undertone, this will make your teeth appear whiter.

Whatever your mood girls, try a Red lip as your date to the party!  Have Fun!

Stay Gorgeous Girls!




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