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8 Nov


In your 20’s and 30’s you colored your hair for the fun of it.  Choosing a new color meant a new fresh outlook and added a little “oomph” to your step.  As you head into your 40’s and 50’s the hair color takes on a whole new meaning- coloring those grays!  And YIKES it seems that the time between color jobs doesn’t seem to last nearly as long. 

So if you have a job interview, or a last minute Red Carpet invitation, and forgot to schedule that appointment with your stylist for a fresh dose of color, keep in mind these helpful steps that just may extend the life of your color, and at very least, not give away your secrets quite so fast!

  • CHANGE UP YOUR PART: It’s the quickest way to camouflage those roots.  Or opt for a style that pulls your hair back, and use creative styling of your bangs to conceal your hairline.
  • MASCARA: Yep, you read it right.  If you have dark brown or black hair, believe it or not a friendly tube of mascara will do the trick for a quick fix.  This also works great for concealing those grays in brows, or a man’s sideburns.  I recommend waterproof mascara, just to give it more staying power.  And keep in mind this is a QUICK FIX!  I don’t recommend doing this daily, but in a pinch it will do the trick.

ROUX STICK’S are a GREAT handy little tool to keep on hand.  They are available in several basic colors and work as easy as coloring with crayons.  They also work great on brows- just wet a brow-brush then stroke it over the stick and apply to your brows.  Perfect for those days when your stylists schedule  doesn’t include you!





  • DON’T SHAMPOO DAILY:  Most Stylists are the first to tell you that over-shampooing your hair will affect the longevity of your color.  However, natural oils can dull your color and flatten your roots.  Try a good Dry Shampoo for alternating days.  They absorb natural scalp oils and give a lift to your roots.  My favorite by Oscar Blondi leaves a fresh lemon verbena scent so you feel like you just washed your hair.

  • ADD SOME VOLUME TO YOUR ROOTS:  Nothing like highlighting those roots faster than a flat “Do”.    A little lift will naturally conceal those grays and take the focus off your grown out roots.   Try setting your hair on large Velcro rollers for 15-20 minutes to add volume to your style.


And ladies- when all else fails- WEAR A HAT!  The colder temps of Fall and Winter make hat wearing fashionable.  So grab a beautiful beret or beanie and work it into your wardrobe.  You’ll be fashionable and covering those roots- double duty is a win-win!


As always, with roots or not-

Stay Gorgeous Girls!



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