Arm Your Skin For The Winter Blues

9 Nov


Don’t let your skin become victim to the Winter Blues.  Colder temperatures and the use of heat in our homes, cars and businesses tends to lead to dry flaky skin.  Three steps that will keep your skin looking soft and supple all Winter long.

STEP 1:  SLEEP!  Sleep does more than just re-energize your body.  A good night sleeps rejuvenates all your organs and keeps the blood flowing properly for cell renewal.  Make sure to get your ‘Beauty Rest’ to keep you looking fabulous!


STEP 2: MOISTURIZE! If you’re using a light lotion, swap it out for a heavier cream in Winter.  External factors tend to make our skin dry in the Winter time, which requires a little heavier product for moisturizing.  A two-step process of a good Night Cream and a good Day Cream with SPF 15 or higher is a good daily regime.






STEP 3: WATER! Believe it or not our skin moisturizes from the inside out.  You can slather on a huge tub of thick cream, but if you are not drinking water, your skin is still going to show signs of dryness.  So drink up!  The benefits of water for your body are endless, but it is one of the best beauty tools we have.  It keeps our skin plump, reducing the visual signs of wrinkles…WHOA, that right there should be enough to make you drink up.  But it also keeps your skin hydrated.   So grab your 8 glasses today!

Stay Gorgeous Girls!



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