Don’t Fear False Lashes-Embrace Them!

12 Nov


If you are looking for ways to make your eyes look bigger and brighter but are turned off by the look of strip false lashes, look no farther.  Individual lashes are the big rage these days.  Almost every actress, news anchor and Hollywood Diva is wearing them.

They are definitely a great choice for a natural look.  Applied individually means that IF they fall out, they do so individually.  Gone are the days of fearing that your eyelash strip will be in your soup while on your hot date.  Most individual lashes will stay put for almost 4 days if you stay away from oily removers and resist the urge to scrub your eyes when removing makeup.

Try applying 3 to each outter corner and step back and see your eyes just “POP”!


  • Curl your lashes BEFORE applying falsh lashes.
  • Use just enough adhesive- the #1 mistake is using too MUCH adhesive. Just a drop will do it.
  • Once dried, apply mascara to underneath of natural lashes to help seal them to the false ones.  This makes the false ones almost un-detectable.

So for some Holiday fun, get yourself some lashes and experiment.  You’ll be the hit of every party this Holiday season!

Stay Gorgeous Girls!





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