Pluck a Chicken, Tweeze a Brow!

28 Nov


Well groomed brows are the frame of the face.  Let them go and they are sure to scream YIKES to anyone trying to gaze into your baby blues, or bedroom browns.  Weekly tweezing  and a little TLC is all it takes to keep your eyes the focus of admirers.

DON’T overdo it!  This is the biggest mistake women make.  Strong brows are in, just check out the latest red carpet pictures. So keep it simple when grooming your brows.  A great set of tweezers [my favorite by Tweezerman] is all you need to keep an eye on any wandering hairs.  I prefer to tweeze my brows right after a warm bath.  The warm steamy water helps open up the hair follicles, allowing you to tweeze with little pain.

If waxing is your choice, beware.  It is a messy task to take on yourself, so have a pro do it.  And make sure they know what you want, because in one SWIPE it will be gone!  This is why I prefer tweezing.  You have much more control with tweezing, removing one hair at a time until you’ve achieved victory!

The perfect brow begins above the center of your nostril; the highest point of your arch should fall above the outer edge of your iris.  Line a pencil up from the outer corner of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye- where the pencil lies above your eye is where your brow should end.

Don’t worry too much about making your brows identical.   As long as you get their length and fullness as close as possible, you should be good to go.  Follow these tips for perfect tweezing:


  • Lay a hot wash cloth on your brows for 2-3 minutes before tweezing.  This will open the hair follicle and the hairs will release easier with less pain.
  • To relieve any irritated skin, apply a little Aloe Vera gel or Neosporin after tweezing.
  • Always tweeze at night before bedtime, allowing your skin to ‘settle’ before applying any makeup.
  • Tweeze from under the brow line rather than above it unless your arch needs to be re-created.  
  • Whatever you do GO SLOW!  It’s always easy to take a few more hairs out, but once they’re gone, you cannot put them back.  
  • Once the tweezing is done, check the shape.  You may need to fill in any sparse areas. 
  • You can set your brows without any fancy products.  A spritz of your favorite hairspray over a brow brush prior to brushing will tame them and keep them in place. 

Keep your brows full and gorgeous and you’re sure to get your eyes noticed!

Stay Gorgeous Girls!






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