Lash Extensions- To Lash or Not?

30 Nov


Lash Extensions are all the rage in Hollywood these days, but are they really worth it? 

Well if you’re Oprah and your bank account has an unlimited amount of expendable funds, then you might want to experiment with them.  What are they?  Basically individual lashes that are glued onto your own lashes adding volume and length.  You choose how full or how natural you want them to be.  The average cost- $300 for the first application and $75-$100 every 3-4 weeks for maintenance.

Last Extensions BEFORE


Lash Extensions -After

The application is pain-less.  You lie down for 60 minutes and basically take a nap while someone glues these babies on.

The PRO-  longer, fuller lashes that need no curling, no mascara and no attention- well, at least not for a couple weeks.

The CON- they WILL fall out eventually.  So you must have them “touched up” every 2-3 weeks at about $75-$95 a session.   That adds up to approximately $1500 a year for beautiful lashes.

So you ask, to lash or not to lash?  My vote is NOT.  The women I’ve spoken to say that it took nearly a year for their real lashes to recover from the wear and tear.  The glue that is used is a heavy-duty glue.  Much stronger than the glue we use with conventional lashes.  So if your budget is going to run out, and you are eventually going to have to remove the lashes, or just let them fall out naturally [which they will], know that the real lashes left beneath might not be up to par with those you remembered.  The ‘ol conventional false lashes we’ve been using for years work just fine for a special occasion.

So beware if someone tells you that the newest Lash Extension Fad is all the rage and WON’T ruin your real lashes.

Stay Gorgeous Girls….and informed!





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