Get Sofia Vergara’s Sexy Waves at the “New Year’s Eve” Premiere

12 Dec


Sofia Vergara at the premiere of the movie “New Year’s Eve” held at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, California

How To Get The Look………Courtesy of Andi Scarbrough of Byu-Ti Salon/LA

On towel dried hair, apply a medium hold styling gel like Nourishing Nectar, from Pureology’s Colour Stylist collection, focus on root and mid-shafts. On the ends of your hair, apply a thermal protective serum (I love Pureology’s SuperSmooth Elixir).

-With a paddle brush, dry the front of your hair by brushing it all the way to one side, smooth against your head, and then to the other side, alternating back and forth until completely dry.  This will give you the smooth controled look on top, and spare the need of a flat iron on most hair textures.  You can add extra Elixir on the ends and at your hairline if you are fighting tough frizz, but it’s okay if the ends of your hair aren’t perfectly smooth, a little texture gives extra life to the curls.

-Use a 1″ or 1.5” iron.  Pull your hair half up, leaving hair from the temples down, and clip the rest up out of the way.  Holding the iron horizontally, take a section on one side from behind the ear forward and pinch the section between your fingers, then wrap it over and under the rod and hold it for a count for about seven seconds.  Don’t touch the curl after you drop it from the iron.  Take the remainder of your hair and break it unto four or five sections and move around the head doing this same curl.

-Take down the top section, part it down the middle, and slpit it into three sections, the two sides and a pie-shaped section at the back. Follow the same over-and-under curl technique on the iron, only start wrapping the hair about half way down the section to maintain sleekness on top.  Remember, don’t touch the curls.

Spray it generously with a working spray like Pureology’s incredible Strengthening Control hairspray.  Still, don’t touch the curls.  In about 10-20 minutes when the curls have cooled completely, rake through them with your fingers and shake them loose.  Blur any clumpy curls into soft waves by gently rubbing hem between your thumb and index fingers.  Polish the part and fringe area by eliminating any fly-aways with a dab of Elixir and seal the look with a final mist of hairspray.

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