Hair Style Alert: How To Get The Perfect Blowout

2 Jan


If you’re obsessed with the new show “Revenge,” we hear ya!  The scenery of the Hamptons, the fashion and just the all around gorgeousness has sucked us in.  And the hair…how we wish our hair looked that perfect!  So, the BSW beauty dept. went out on a search to hunt down the staff member responsible for the “fabulous hair”.



Introducing…Roma Goddard, one of the show’s on-set hairstylists, shared some of her tricks behind Ashley’s perfect blowout.  Here’s what she had to say:

First she clips in hair extensions to add length and body.  Then she dampens Ashley’s bangs with natural mineral water, which adds moisture and shine.  She blows them dry with a medium-sized round boar bristle brush by putting the brush under the bang and blowing the air from the hair dryer directly down.  Then she separates Ashley’s bangs, creating a middle part, and blow drys them with the dryer to each side creating a more swept feeling which she calls “Brigitte Bardot bangs”.   Then she uses a 1/2″ mini flat iron to train the bangs in the perfect direction.

Then  Roma uses a medium-sized Marcel curling iron to candlestick-curl her hair.  Using a hair clip, she then sections the hair horizontally around her head and then takes 1/2-inch sections and wraps them around the barrel of the iron, away from the face. When Roma is done she finishes Ashley’s look with hairspray to tame flyaways.

Sounds simple enough…HA!

Let us know if you try Roma’s trick for getting “the perfect blow out.”

The Girls in the BSW beauty dept.

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