Winter Skin Hydration With Honey!

2 Jan


Winter blues getting the best of your skin?  Dry, flaky skin emerging on what once was a beautiful complexion?  Have no fear, and don’t stress that your slim-after-Christmas wallet will suffer with an expensive skincare treatment.  Simply head to your kitchen cupboard!

HONEY will be your best friend this Winter.  A quick and easy solution to dry Winter skin is a daily dose of honey.  Not IN your body, but ON it!

A teaspoon of honey, massaged into clean skin nightly will leave your skin silky soft and hydrated.  Start with a clean canvas then massage a teaspoon of honey onto your face in circular upward motions.  Leave the honey on for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.  Follow with a dose of night cream, my favorite by Exuviance and your skin will feel soft, smooth and moisturized in the morning.


Open up your pores by holding your face over the sink with hot water running for a few minutes before applying the honey.  The steam will open up your pores allowing the honey to seep into the lower layers of your skin, giving you the maximum benefits.

Stay Gorgeous Girls!




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