5 Steps to Fighting Acne!

4 Jan


A few easy steps to help combat the insanity of acne breakouts. There are few who don’t remember the horrific feeling of waking up with an unsightly pimple the morning of a special event.  Perhaps a big date that night, or your own wedding.  YIKES!  What was one to do?  

For many teens this describes every morning in their world.  They don’t have an occasional pimple, but a face full of scars and daily battles with new acne breakouts.  If hiding for several years or crawling under a rock just isn’t an option, then follow these steps to help decrease acne breakouts, and lessen their severity.  

  • Exercise Good Hygiene– This is always tricky with teens, but getting your kids to adopt habits of good hygiene early can help combat acne.  Washing faces twice a day, morning and night is a good practice.  Place a good face wash, my favorite Purifying Cleansing Gel by Exuviance is a great cleanser for teens.  Put one in the shower, and encourage them to wash their face when they shower.  Wash hair every other day or daily if they have oily skin.  Greasy hair can only add to acne by allowing scalp oils to build up and run down to the face [it’s a great visual isn’t it] so make sure they wash their hair regularly. And read how the benefits of Olive Oil can also help.
  • Change Pillowcases– Every other day or at least twice a week.  Think about it….they rest their faces each night on their pillowcases where skin oils and bacteria in current breakouts can build up.  Turn them inside out the 2nd day, then wash the 3rd. Pillow cases aren’t expensive, so stock up on a few extras for your teen.  It’s an inexpensive way to help combat their acne.
  • Proper Diet– Many foods are known to stimulate the sebaceous glands so try to keep these to a minimum.  Avoid fatty, oily and processed food, dairy products, shellfish like shrimp and lobster and caffeine. Opt for unprocessed fruit and vegetables, supplements that contain vitamin A, C, E, D and vitamin B complex. One has to keep in mind that zinc and beta-carotene are best friends that help treat and prevent acne.  
  • Good Habits– Encourage your teens, especially the athletic ones to carry Witch Hazel wipes in their backpacks.  Witch Hazel is a great skin antiseptic, and a great way to wipe away the sweat that can build up bacteria in their pores after a good workout.  Many brands make them in individually packaged wipes which make them great for travel.  They can tuck them into a pocket, backpack, locker or sports bag.  
  • Quick Fixes– If by chance acne is not a regular friend of yours, and an occasional breakout is a minor inconvenience, a couple quick fixes can help.  Ice- as with any inflammation, ice the area to bring down the swelling.  A couple drops of Visine- yep you read it right.  It takes the red out of eyes, and it will work as a quick fix to take the red out of the pimple as well.  And to conceal, the BEST acne concealer I’ve ever used is Blasco’s Red Neutralizer.  I discovered this in makeup school, and it is a staple in my makeup kit and my personal makeup bag.  I don’t know how I made it through high-school without it.   

Remind your teens that for many this is just a phase, and as hormones even out so will their skin.  But until then, share these helpful hints that might get them through their teenage years with a bit more confidence.    

Stay Gorgeous Guys AND Girls…


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