4 Skincare Tips for Men

6 Jan


GIRLS Listen Up- is your man starting to age quicker than you are?  Then you need to get him into his own skincare routine!  

That’s right, good skincare is NOT just for women.  Men should follow their own daily routine to keep them looking their best.  Here are a few quick and easy tips that will keep your man turning heads.

  • Use a Good Face Wash– Sounds basic to us girls, but most men just rely on bar soap in the shower, which can be drying to the skin.  The majority of guys won’t be bothered with standing at the sink each night to wash their face, and since they don’t usually wear makeup keeping a good face wash in the shower for their morning ritual is the most likely way to get them to use it.  My favorite Purifying Cleansing Gel by Exuviance is great for men.
  • Skip the After Shave– Most after shaves are alcohol based and will further dry out your skin, not to mention irritate the pores right after shaving.  Opt for an after shave BALM.  These are usually loaded with moisture and are alcohol free and serve the same purpose.  Better yet, use a light moisturizer instead.  California North’s Action Moisturizer was made for men, but women beware you’ll love it too, especially on your freshly shaved legs!
  • Protect Your Eyes– It is the first place men show signs of aging for a couple of reasons.  Few wear sunglasses everyday or use eye cream.  Women consider a great pair of shades an accessory to our outfits, but men often skip them and end up squinting more adding to the natural crows feet that appear over time.  So grab a great pair of shades along with a good eye cream.  Another thing most men skip, and one of the best ways they can keep wrinkles at bay.  It will only add an extra 30 seconds to their morning routine, so get your man a good eye cream, my favorite by Peptoxyl .
  • Pamper Your Hands– Hands are a dead giveaway to age, so make sure your guy gives his hands a little pampering each week.  A good sugar scrub [1 tsp of sugar mixed with a 1/4 tsp of olive oil] rubbed on the backs of hands will keep them silky soft and a daily dose of sunscreen will keep those sunspots away.   

Adding a few extra minutes to their daily routine will keep your man looking and feeling fabulous for many years to come!

Stay Gorgeous Girls….and Guys!


Anne aka MsBeautyBuzz

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