Turning Heads at The Golden Globes

15 Jan


It was a gloomy day in LA, but not inside the Beverly Hilton Hotel where  Michelle Williams not only took home a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe, but she took home the prize for “stunning”!  She dazzled the red carpet, looking gorgeous as ever.

The Oscars had nothing on these ladies.  Typically the Golden Globes are a little more dressed down than the Oscars.  The evening includes dinner, and while the stars dine as they mingle before the awards, it has a more relaxed atmosphere than that of the formal Oscars.

But when a girl is invited to a party, she always accepts the opportunity to dazzle in style.  Chignon’s and sleek hairstyles were the big hit of the night.  My favorites by Debra Messing, Kate Beckinsale and Kate Winslet.  Old Hollywood would have been proud of these ladies, as they looked sleek and stylish.

But the biggest hit of the night I believe went to the actresses over 35.  They all looked amazing.  Soft and blended makeup, simple and elegant hairstyles and gorgeous dresses.

Here were my favorites:

Debra Messing rocked those deep smoky eyes.  She gave a new definition to the “little black dress”.  Picture perfect gown, gorgeous makeup and the perfect jewelry to bring it all together.

Kate’s hair and makeup were stunning!  Light and neutral eyes and neutral lips didn’t overpower her gown, but accented her look.


Jodie Fosters hair and makeup was polished and completely complimented her chiseled features.  Sophisticated, and understated.  Simply elegant!


Julianne’s peaches and cream skin was the perfect canvas for her deep smoky eyes.  I loved that she didn’t try to overdo the look with strong lips, but went with neutral lips and just a hint of cheeks to finish off her look.  Absolutely stunning.


Viola Davis shined in this gorgeous burgundy gown.  Her makeup was beautiful.  Defined eyes with luscious lashes, and beautiful glossy lips just finished her look with style.


My favorite look of the evening went to Kate Beckinsale.  Her champagne gown with elegant beading was classic Hollywood.  A beautiful pulled back “do” was the extra added touch, and allowed her gorgeous drop earrings to finish her look.  Simple makeup didn’t compete with her classic look, but added to its elegance.  A 5-star winner in my book.

Now girls, don’t be too fooled by the beauty of these glam girls.  They all had a ‘team’ of stylists getting them ready.  That included a Hairstylist, a Makeup Artist and a Stylist who not only shopped for their gown, but most likely was there to make sure that it was hit before she walked out the door.  Yes, we too could look that spectacular if we had a ‘team’ getting us ready every day.  Until then, use the hits to inspire you and the misses to remind you that even Hollywood Divas get it wrong every now and then.

Stay Gorgeous Girls…



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