A Plus Size Hit at The Golden Globes

16 Jan


If you are an “average” American woman, then you are not a size 2, 4, 6  or even an 8!  You are most likely a 12 or larger.  A quick glimpse of any magazine or even the red carpet at one of the most popular yearly awards shows wouldn’t suggest it, but it’s true.

So when it comes to dressing our larger than ‘skin and bones’ silhouette’s remember to choose wisely ladies- especially for a bigger than life event.

Octavia Spencer did just that!  A gorgeous pale lilac gown was her choice for the 2012 Golden Globes and boy did she wear it with style.  She owned her look and was simply stunning.  Beautiful defined eyes with a touch of color as well.  Light lilac mixed with a deeper plum and lots of mascara.  Just a hint of gloss to finish her look was the perfect  touch.  Her hair was done in a classic French twist that gave her that polished look.

Octavia dressed her curves in style and really worked that red carpet.


Melissa McCarthy on the other hand did not do her size or figure justice in my opinion.  I think this dress was the perfect example of a dress that wore the woman rather than the woman wearing the dress.    The style wasn’t very flattering, and the color wasn’t moving me either.

And although her makeup didn’t bother me, it didn’t ‘wow’ me either.  But her hair really was a miss!  It was a bit over-powering and just didn’t frame her face well.  She should have chosen a much softer look.  Perhaps leaving her hair down with lots of curls, or if she was set on putting it up, a softer look with a sweep of bangs to one side with soft falling tendrils might have been more appealing.  Her look was a bit too severe and just didn’t hit it out of the ballpark, as a matter of fact, it didn’t even make it past the infield.

No matter what your size girls, own your look!  As style Guru Tim Gunn says   “Forget your Flaws and Dress Your Positives”.  Choose your makeup and hairstyle to compliment and finish your look with a bang!  As as always….

Stay Gorgeous Girls~



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