Coffee Lovers Alert: Best Reusable Travel Mug By Keepcup!

18 Jan


Are you looking for a travel cup that is the perfect size, design, good for the planet and durable…Then you have to get a Keepcup. Keepcup is the first ever barista standard reusable cup and the number one choice for sustainable and stylish coffee consumption.  Already making waves in Australia and the UK, KeepCup is ready to change the way US consumers drink their coffee on-the-go.

BPA-free, lightweight, recyclable, and fashionable – KeepCup is available in 25,000 color combinations, so you can design the cup that tells your story and, unlike other leading reusable cups on the market, is designed by a barista to fit under the heads of most espresso machines like the Black and Decker Brew ‘N Go.  Keepcups are available in four sizes – extra small (4oz.), small (8oz.), medium (12oz.) and large (16oz.)  KeepCup proves that convenience, eco-consciousness and style can go hand-in-hand.

Most importantly, it’s non-toxic, food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe, it’s splash proof design is made with a lift and twist plug to open a breather and drinking hole at the top.  Coffee and tea kept in the thermal KeepCup also stays hotter longer than in a disposable cup by at least 20 minutes!

Get one to match your every mood.  Mix and match them to complete your personal look!

best reuseable travel mug

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