Emma Stone Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

20 Jan


Grapeseed Oil is the secret weapon in actress Emma Stone’s makeup bag.  The 23-year-old actress recently told a reporter that her skin is ultra sensitive and allergic to everything.  She keeps a bottle of grapeseed oil on hand and splashes it on right out of the shower.  “It’s the perfect moisturizer for my sensitive skin” she adds.

This freckled face beauty had a super busy year with big movies hitting the screen, Crazy Stupid Love and the Golden Globe nominated The Help.

Grapeseed oil is very rich in antioxidants.  Since much of the damage to our skin comes from free radicals, using an oil that’s high in antioxidants and absorbs quickly into the skin is a plus for fighting aging.   The antioxidants present in grape seed oil are called proanthocyanidins, and are reportedly 50 times stronger than the antioxidant power of Vitamin E.  It does not exacerbate acne, but will improve skin tone and texture because of its slightly astringent properties.

Just a couple drops massaged into skin prior to your favorite moisturizer will help open up the pores and will double the duty of your favorite product.  Used as a moisturizer for oily skin, it will keep flakes at bay without adding to production of natural skin oils.


  • Massage into skin PRIOR to applying sunscreen in the Summer as its antioxidants power will help boost your protection to sun damage.

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