Out the Door Makeup in 5 Easy Steps

24 Jan


So you’re juggling 3 kids under the age of 10 and barely have time to brush your own teeth let alone think of applying a bit of makeup.  You catch a glimpse of  yourself in the bathroom mirror at your 5 year olds field trip and think “YIKES- who is she”?

You’ve gotten a little older, maybe a gray hair or two that popped up while you were busy changing diapers.  And perhaps a couple of wrinkles have formed while you were too busy sorting laundry and making lunches.  And in the midst of all those school open houses and little league practices you feel as though somehow having a family meant losing yourself.  Sound familiar?  If it does, then keep reading.

Since when did marriage and children mean you had to trade in your trendy wardrobe, curling iron and makeup kit for a frumpy look.  If you’re feeling like you’re in a beauty rut, then I have some news for you!


  • STOP for just a minute to take 10 minutes each day to think of YOU.
  • LOOK at yourself in the mirror and be honest- do you like what you see?
  • LISTEN up because I have a few quick tips that will have you looking fabulous in less than 10 minutes each day.


Now, I’m not suggesting you get red-carpet-ready everyday, but a little makeup to accentuate your best features and hide some flaws will not only make you look better, you’ll carry your shoulders higher when you feel better about how you look.

I’ve been doing makeovers on young Mom’s for years, and the one thing that I hear loud and clear is it must be FAST.  So here  we go- a quick fix look to have you out the door in less than 10 minutes.  First- Look in the mirror ladies.  REALLY look at yourself.  Find your flaws- those usually stick out like a sore thumb to most of us.  Now, find your great features.  Come on, we’ll all have at least one, so find it.  Perhaps your big blue eyes, or your chiseled cheekbones, maybe your perfectly shaped lips?  Find one, cause we’re going to pull your focus there.

  1. Concealer Start with your flaws.  Dark circles? Blemishes?  Lets start with a quick concealer job.  Many girls can go without a heavy foundation, if they just conceal the flaws with a good Creamy Concealer first, blending it outward, then dust over it with a good  dose of Powder.
  2. Grab a Cheekcolor– You are going to do double duty here.  Sweep a really good neutral color [my favorite-Sahara] up and over your cheekbones , then take the left-over product on the brush and dust it over your eye-lids.  This is a quick and easy way to bring a little color to your eyes without taking too much time to blend several colors of shadow or feel too made up.
  3. Waterproof Eyeliner.  If your eyes are your best feature, this is going to draw all the attention there, and if they need a little help, this is going to do the trick.  A quick line on the bottom lid will brighten any pair of peepers.  Choose a neutral look, or pick one to compliment your eyes.  [Verde for Hazel eyes, Smolder for Brown eyes or Nightingale for Blue eyes] .
  4. Curl & Goop– My niece affectionately refers to mascara as “eye goop”!  If you apply it right, it is far from goop, but can make or break your eye look.   If your lashes are stick straight grab our Curly Girl lash curler, curl for 30 seconds and follow with a dose of mascara.
  5. Gloss it up– The finishing touch to your 5 minute makeover is a little lip-gloss.  I prefer soft, sheer shades .  Give them a little more depth by lining the lips with a light neutral shade then filling it in and covering it with a coat of gloss.

You will be absolutely amazed at how quickly you can transform yourself with just a few products.  If you have more time add to your routine, but this quick fix will bring attention to your best features, and make you feel good about your appearance.

And Mom’s GET RID OF THOSE SCRUNCHIES!  Scrunchies are for little girls, and definitely not for Mom’s.  An occasional pony-tail can look sleek and stylish when done right, but if your regular routine is to pull your hair back with a scrunchie everyday, I challenge you to call it quits on that ritual.  Let those locks down, and use them.  If you are not happy with your hair, head to a hairstylist and ask for a quick and maintenance free “do”.  Layers can help add a little body.  Set your hair on velcro rollers while feeding the kids breakfast, then take them out, run your fingers through your hair and go.  It will give you just enough twist to add a little life to your hair without taking tons of time in the morning.

Get out of your rut, and into a little style.  You’ll be feeling much better about yourself once you feel that you look your best.

Stay Gorgeous Girls- even if you only have 10 minutes!



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