5 Steps to Conquer Puffy Eyes

26 Jan


Under eye Puffiness.  What causes it?  Hereditary? Sometimes.  Too much alcohol the night before? Yep, that can do it.  Poor diet?  Yep, that can do it too.  It’s a known fact that too much salt or alcohol can produce puffy eyes the next morning.  The body draws extra fluid into its tissues and unfortunately it will pool under your eyes.  You wake up and YIKES, those bags are telling stories you may have forgotten from the night before.  Allergies can also be a culprit when it comes to puffy eyes.

Follow these steps to help conquer and conceal that extra baggage:

  • WATER– If your bags are a result of a night of Chinese food and one too many margaritas, make sure you get plenty of water to help flush out all that extra sodium.
  • COLD TEA BAGS– This is an old remedy that actually works!  Take 10 minutes to lie down and apply tea bags to your under eye area.  This is not the time to try to be extra healthy with a caffeine free green tea.  You need the caffeine to  shrink that swelling, so choose good ‘ol black tea.  According to dermatologists, caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, encouraging the blood vessels to constrict and swelling goes down.  Soak  the tea bags for several minutes to release the caffeine.  Apply them cold to eyes for 10 minutes.
  • REGULAR USE OF AN EYE CREAM– I say this regularly and can’t stress it enough.  Keep the area under your eyes moisturized.  An eye cream with Vitamin K and Lactobionic Acid will target weak capillaries that add to eye puffiness.  My favorite by Exuviance is their BIONIC EYE CREAM. Keep it in the fridge and apply cold which will act as a cold compress, doing double duty.
  • DON’T APPLY CONCEALER TO THE PUFFY AREA– This is probably the golden ticket that most women make the mistake of doing.  They look in the mirror, see this big puffy area of skin and think, “gotta grab the concealer” right? WRONG!  Concealers tend to be lighter in color and heavily pigmented compared to foundations.  Think color theory here- light colors highlight, darker colors shade.  So, if the area is already puffy, adding a concealer that is typically lighter than your foundation will only accentuate that baggy area.  Instead look for the depression that is usually just below that puffy area.  Apply a thin line of concealer right into that area.  Don’t blend it into the puffy area or you’ll be back where you started.   If puffy bags are a daily battle for you and permanently part of your world, consider buying a foundation a shade darker than your everyday foundation and applying it only to that baggy area.  This will play with the light and give the illusion of a deeper area.
  • AVOID LINING THE BOTTOM LASH-LINE– To bring the focus above the lashes and away from that puffy area, keep your eye makeup above the lash line.  Concentrate liner on upper lash lines only and avoid applying mascara to the bottom lashes.

Pamper those eyes and they’ll sparkle all day long!

Stay Gorgeous Girls-



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