Zap Those Ruddy Red Cheeks!

30 Jan


Concealing rosy red cheeks is not impossible!

I’ve had lots of emails since starting this blog with beauty questions from Buzzers [our term of endearment for YOU, our faithful followers].  I have answered each and every one of them, and I share your frustrations with products and problems, and thought, “Hey- If Suzy Q in Denver is having this problem, perhaps others are too!”  

So -when I answer those questions of yours, I’ll put them here too so everyone can reap the benefits of those who weren’t afraid to ask.  Don’t fear- your names will never be revealed- so feel free to ask away!

Question of the day from Suzy Q in Denver [well, not really, but she knows who she is]:

Q:  I have horrible Irish ruddy cheeks and HATE all that redness.  I always feel like I’m glowing- is there anything I can use to conceal those bright red cheeks?  


A:  Hi Suzy 😉

YES there is, and you are not alone.  There are several things you can do to cut down on the redness.

  • First of all, when choosing a foundation, opt for one that has no red in it.  Usually we try to match the skintone, but in this case we’re going to try to counter-balance all that redness with a little more olive.
  • Try applying a Red Neutralizer first under foundation- but not just a regular concealer, a color correcting one- my favorite for cutting down on redness is Joe Blasco’s Red Neutralizer.  It will zap the red right out- a little goes a long way!
  • Finally stay away from blue based blushes and lipcolors; pinks, mauves and rosy colors.  These will only bring the ruddiness right back to your skin once we conceal it.  Instead choose peaches, neutral tones and bronzes.

Stay Gorgeous Girls-



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