Keeping The Curl Alive in My Lashes

15 Feb


Keeping a nice curl to your lashes isn’t the easiest task, but it isn’t impossible either.  A few tricks will help even the straightest lashes curl with ease to flatter a pair of baby blues, browns or hazels.

The first essential tool is a GOOD eyelash curler, and know that they aren’t all the same.  My favorite, Curly Girl is shaped perfectly to follow the natural shape of the eye, creating an effortless curl, without pinching or crimping.  TIP: Heat it with a couple seconds under your blow dryer [test it on the palm of your hand BEFORE allowing it to touch your eye].  You want it warm- not hot!  It will lend a curling iron effect to your lashes.

Then it’s all about the MASCARA girls!  WATERPROOF is the key!  Regular mascara tends to weigh the lash down, allowing the natural weight of the lash to pull itself back to its straight shape.  A waterproof mascara will dry quickly and LOCK the lash into its new curled position.

Test my theory if you must, but I am guaranteed you will find that I’m right.  I’ve tested in hundreds of times over many years and the waterproof mascara always comes back to work wonders.  Now, not every waterproof formula has lived up to my expectations- and the price isn’t always the deciding factor.  FALSIES waterproof mascara by Maybelline seems to be one of my favorites to lock in curl.

 Volum Express The Falsies Black Drama Waterproof Mascara - Pack Shot

And don’t be fooled by mascara commercials and Ads girls.  Every one of them sports an actress/model wearing false lashes.  Even the straightest shortest lashes will look long with a pair of false lashes over it for heaven’s sake.  Advertisers often insult our intelligence trying to appeal to our vanity- but don’t buy into it.  I have yet to see an Ad for a mascara that didn’t include a beauty wearing false lashes.

So there you have it- arm yourself with a Curly Girl lash curler and a tube of waterproof mascara and you’re sure to be turning heads with those gorgeous lusciously curled lashes!

Stay Gorgeous Girls~



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