Is Your Makeup Aging You?

21 Feb


Is your makeup making you look older?  As we age, our makeup techniques need to mature with us as well.  Many women make the mistake of  thinking more makeup will conceal their aging skin.  WRONG!  In many cases they are simply drawing more attention to the areas they are trying to camouflage. Make sure that your application techniques have updated and are living up to their expected results of making you look your best.


  • Lighten Up– One of the biggest mistakes women make, is assuming that more makeup will cover things up, but it actually backfires.  More makeup usually just looks like more makeup.  So lighten up your hand, and go easy.  Opt for lighter weight liquid foundations rather than heavy creams.  My favorite liquid is Skin Caring Foundation.  With SPF 15, this lightweight liquid glides on skin, and contains    natural light diffusers and moisturizing treatments.
  • Avoid powder.  Older skin is often dry, and heavy powder just makes it appear worse.  Instead dust a loose talc-free powder only where you need it, focusing on the T-zone where oils are usually more concentrated.  My favorite Powder Brush will also lend its magic- only leaving powder where it’s needed.
  • Avoid Heavy Contouring– As we age, our cheeks start to take on a more concave shape, making contouring unnecessary.  Instead, dust the apples of your cheeks with a peachy-pink color that will brighten up your complexion giving you a natural glow.  Avoid frosted cheek-colors as they tend to draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Focus eye makeup above your lash line instead of below it.  Lightening up the lower liner and mascara and focusing above your eyes will draw attention away from the lower under-eye area that may be showing many fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Don’t neglect your brows.  They are the frame of your face, and as we age, they take on a new look of their own.  If they are gray, but still present, use a tinted Brow Gel to color the hair that is already there.  Fill in any sparse areas with a matching powder. TIP: you don’t have to have a specific brow product, any eyeshadow the same shade as your hair color will work perfectly.  Apply it with an Angle Brush.  You will be amazed what a difference groomed brows will make.
  • Pucker UP!  I said pucker up, not darken up.  For some reason as we get older, we think we need more color on our lips, which for many women translates to dark or bright lip-colors.  Easy girls.  The darker the color, the smaller your lips will look, and the brighter the color, the quicker they’ll arrive to the party before you do.  Choose colors that will brighten your look without being too flashy.   Avoid browns and neutrals as these will drain you of all your color.  Instead choose roses, peaches and strawberry corals.  Avoid super matte formulas and choose creamier ones.  If you suffer from lipstick bleeding, use a product like Perfect Illusion on your lip-line before applying lipstick.

Ease up on your makeup as you get older, and let your inner beauty shine through.

Stay Gorgeous Girls~



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