Bronzer Gone Wrong!

22 Feb


I‘ve been meaning to write this article for a while now, and was reminded this morning while in line at the grocery store of WHY I needed to head home and get to it.  It seems that so many females have made Bronzers their best friends, but actually they’ve gotten a little too close to the bronzer.

Bronzers were made to add a little sun-kissed glow to skin.  They are not meant for all over darkening your skin tone, OR instead of blush.  And if you have very fair to light skin I would use bronzer with caution, as more often than not they will go wrong.


Perfect example- Christina Aguilera in this look.  Against her platinum blonde hair her skin appears orange rather than a beautiful bronze.  Don’t go there girls- back away from the bronzer.

If you have very fair skin, embrace your peaches and cream look, and enhance your natural beauty in other ways.  Play up your eyes and make them pop with gorgeous hues that will add definition.  Sweep a soft peachy pink over your cheeks to give you a subtle glow.

If you really feel your skin is just too pale, try this quick and easy fix that will give you subtle color without making you look orange.  TIP:  Take a small amount of your favorite Self Tanner [my absolute favorite  California North- Titanium Self Tanner– as seen on the Today Show] and mix it with a bit of your daytime moisturizer and apply to your face and neck.  The self tanner will add the color, but the moisturizer will dilute it a bit so it won’t be too much color.  It will simply add a touch of glow to pale Winter skin.

Stay Gorgeous Girls~


Anne aka MsBeautyBuzz

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