And the Oscar Goes To…..

24 Feb


It’s going to be a sunny weekend here in Southern California- and everything is coming up gold!  The countdown to the Oscars has begun.  Who are your favorites, and will they be ready for the red carpet?

It’s also a big weekend for Stylists, Makeup Artists, Hairstylists and Manicurists as everyone gears up for Hollywood’s big night.  Who will wear what, and who will have a big hit or a disastrous miss on the red carpet?  We’ll be standing by ready to see.

This is like my Super Bowl.  Since I was a little girl, I’ve been glued to the tv Oscar night.  Maybe I always knew that I would end up in Hollywood, behind the scenes making up faces.  Creating magic, or at least what most of you think is magic.  To most of us makeup artists, it’s simply color theory and an illusion we’ve learned to create with the help of light and shadow.  But to many, we can make or break their look.

So here are a few tips to get you Red Carpet Ready for your close-up:

  • LESS is more!  Go easy for big events.  There is nothing worse than overdone foundation that is ready to crack.
  • Leave the Bronzer on the Beach!  An overdone bronzer can go south too quickly with formal attire.  So, opt for a simple chiseled look instead.  Accentuate your high cheekbones with a beautiful peach shimmer instead of trying to create a Bahama mama look.
  • Don’t overdo the Powder!  A matte look is not necessary on the red carpet, and a dewy look screams, healthy skin.  So if you must, dust powder once to set your makeup, but don’t keep packing it on throughout the night.
  • WATERPROOF those eyes!  If you’re a nominee and the waterworks may begin if your name is called, for heaven’s sake make it waterproof!  Choose gel liners over pencils, they last longer and tend to seal the deal for hours on end.  Make sure to curl those lashes and double dip them in a waterproof mascara for extra lush-ness.  Three individual false lashes at the outer corner of each eye will really make them pop, so consider adding those to up the ante on your eyes.
  • Don’t be afraid of color on your lips!  If you’re a neutral girl, who sticks to neutral shades of sheer gloss, consider making a statement or pulling your look together with the perfect lipcolor.  A bold red if you’re wearing black will echo Old Hollywood, or a deep rose wine if you’re wearing silver will channel Glamour.  A little trick–  prime your lips with your favorite Eye Primer- this will give you a clean slate so the color is true, and it will lock in for hours of wear.

Who will I be rooting for on Oscar Sunday you ask- ok, you didn’t ask, but I’ll share my favorites anyway……

  • Octavia Spencer– Best Supporting Actress for her role in the HELP- my favorite movie of the year
  • Viola Davis– Best Actress for her role in the HELP- read above
  • George Clooney– for his role in the Descendants, and just because he is so yummy  
  • Matthew Mungle and the Makeup/Hair crew for their incredible transformation on Glenn Close in Albert Nobbs
  • Best Picture- The Artist– When Hollywood was at its best.
Now, make me proud girls, create a style all your own and own your look- and I’ll see you on the Red Carpet!
Stay Gorgeous Girls~


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