Brush Cleaning 101~

24 Feb


You’ve bought the tools, spent lots of money on your brushes, and now they are starting to shed, or looking like they’ve been destroyed.  You’re wondering if you didn’t get quite what you paid for.

Most likely, you purchased quality brushes, but you aren’t taking care of them.  I’ve heard and read  articles where makeup artists suggest you wash your brushes monthly.  MONTHLY? REALLY?  30 days of skin oils gathering bacteria, most likely in a pretty little jar on your bathroom counter where airborne bacteria are sticking to them like glue?  Still want to use those brushes every morning?

Here are a few quick and easy tips that will keep your makeup brushes bacteria free, that will guarantee they will last a lifetime.

  • Wash brushes weekly in a Conditioning Shampoo [like Pantene Pro V]- Fill your bathroom sink and let them soak for a couple of minutes.
  • Rinse them holding them handle up, brush down as the water flows down the bristles.  Squeeze the water out and re-shape the brush as you do this.
  • The most important piece to this puzzle is HOW you dry them.  Always, lay them flat on a clean paper towel or towel to dry.  NEVER stand them up in a cup or jar, this will only allow the excess water to drip down into the brush hairs pooling in the ferrule which can loosen the glue and shorten the life of your brush.

  • For synthetic brushes that are used for cream based or oil based cosmetics [think concealers, gel eye-liners, foundation brushes etc]. Wash these daily after use.  Good ol Dawn dish detergent works wonders!  It breaks down the grease in the product and conditions the brush hairs as it does it.  Keep a small amount in a little travel bottle in your bathroom.
  • A drop in the palm of your hand is all you need to wash your brush out.  It’s a 5 second routine that will keep your brushes clean and bacteria free.


  • Consider storing your brushes in a brush wrap, roll or pocket rather than on your bathroom counter.  This will keep them free from airborne bacteria, which will also extend the life of your brushes.

Be good to your brushes, and they’ll be good to you for many years to come.

Stay Gorgeous Girls~



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