Oscar Hits on the Red Carpet

1 Mar


By now you’ve all had plenty of time to view the multitude of media press given to the best dressed and worst dressed of the Oscars.  As a proud member of the Glam Squad [that’s what they call makeup artists and stylists in the Industry], I too was glued to my TV last Sunday night, and had my favorites.

With a couple of commercials that had me up the next morning at the crack of dawn, I saved you all from having to shuffle through another’s rant about Angelina Jolie’s uncomfortable leg trick.

However, after receiving a couple emails asking “what color lipstick did Natalie Portman have on” to “how did they get Tina Fey’s skin so flawless” I decided that I did catch a running theme with a few of the Oscar Divas, so I thought I would share it with all of you.  These picks all scored a rocking 5 on my Buzz-o-meter!

Flawless Skin.  Period.  It seemed to be the running theme with the ones that were big hits with me.  No smokey eyes, or bold lips, but flawless skin and subtle eye makeups.  It was a big hit on the red carpet, so why not consider it for your next big night out.

Natalie Portman just wowed me with her makeup!  Simply stunning!  Not overdone, just flawlessly chic.  Her makeup was all Dior.  Classic yet subtly defined eyes with black liner and black mascara.  Barely there pink cheeks and rose lips.  Her hair was down, but with a classic old Hollywood sweep to one side.  Her look just oozed elegance.  Motherhood is definitely agreeing with this lovely lady.

Tina Fey was another on my favorites list!   Gorgeous peaches and cream skin, with just a hint of cheeks to give an illusion of blushing from within.  She skipped the heavy eyes, and went with a soft look to define them instead.  A double dose of mascara made her brown eyes stand out and a soft neutral lip just pulled her look together.  Her dress was absolutely stunning, and her up “do” just just completed her amazing look.  Tina was rocking the red carpet, and proved you don’t have to be a young Hollywood starlet in your 20’s to work it!

Jennifer Lopez always rides the edge.  Sometimes funky with her style, sometimes classic, but one thing is for sure, her makeup is rarely a miss.  With her makeup by Mary Phillips, JLo didn’t disappoint me.  Subtle winged black liner on top, with neutral eyes, a smidge of a drop shadow on the bottom and a set of lashes to make them pop.  Just a hint of bronzer gave her a sun-kissed natural look, and as always LOVED her lips!  No one wears the nude lip all glossed up like she does.  You can pair it with subtle eyes, or with deep smokey eyes, and it’s always alluring.

They eyes have it for Penelope Cruz! Was she stunning or what?  The color of her gown against her skintone was such a big hit, not to mention it was absolutely gorgeous.  Eyes were a little more defined than my other picks, but the theme again was neutral.  Lancome Black Lapis liner rimmed the top and bottom while neutral shadows added a touch of definition.  A set of lashes brought it all together.  Her hair just screamed Glamour, with a pinned back “do” that echoed old-fashioned pin curls.

There you have it ladies….my top picks for the ladies who really got it right where their hair and makeup were concerned.  Remember, the next time you head out for a red carpet event, or you’re just playing dress up for a friends party, less can often be more!  No need to rim your eyes with jet black liner and fill in every crevice with a smokey gray shadow, sometimes, just a hint of definition placed ever so perfectly will grab all the attention you can handle!

Stay Gorgeous Girls~



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