Illegal Lengths Mascara- a Big Miss on The BuzzoMeter

23 Mar


If you believe everything you see on TV, you would be first in line to try Maybelline’s new Illegal Lengths Mascara.  Afterall, the woman in the commercial is sporting huge, full, long black lashes.  Ok, ok, so I am well aware that there isn’t a mascara commercial on the air that the actress isn’t wearing false lashes.

But, you know Ms.Buzz is all about mascara, and of course, it’s new, so I had to try it!   I did it for you.  Yep, I took one for the team so to speak.  And yes, I did indeed.  SO, STOP before you rush right out to buy it too.

Here is the picture of the model that they use to advertise the mascara.

A completely airbrushed photo, that has blurred the edge of the false lashes to look like liner, but they couldn’t change the fact that they are the same length all the way across in a very unnatural way.  And maybe none of that would bother me as much if the mascara actually delivered BUT IT DOESN’T! Save your money girls, I wish I had.

It dries very quickly- too quickly.  It doesn’t add any more length than any other mascara, and the fibers that it claims it adds to give you bulked up length, are nothing to write home about.  The quick drying factor annoyed me more than anything else, and the 2nd coat was difficult to apply since the first had completely dried and was pretty much glued into place.

So buyer beware girls.  Don’t be so quick to believe what you THINK you see in the commercial.  You’re not seeing the result of this girl loading up on two coats of mascara, but a makeup artist ever so carefully applying a thick pair of false lashes, and the Editor fixing any major mistakes.

The bottom line for me- if you want a Maybelline mascara, grab Falsies.  I really believe it’s the best mascara Maybelline has to offer.

Stay Gorgeous Girls…..



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