Braids Are Back

24 Mar


Funny how so many trends come and go over the years.  But if you hold on to something or some technique long enough, rest assured it WILL be back!

Braids had their big days back in the 80’s- remember Princess Leia.  She was sporting various styles of braids in Star Wars.  Braided buns, one long back braid, one side braid etc.  Then the ever so popular French Braid had its explosion in the 90’s.  Loose, tight, one, two, side to side, front to back etc.  You name it they found a way to do it.  Then there were variations of the French braid and so on.


The 2000’s hit and out with the 90’s went the French braids.  You rarely saw a braid unless it was a single braid, and rarely on anyone over 10.  But girls….like all things, you knew they’d be back.  And they are!

 Celebrities and models alike are sporting the simple french braid that falls into the rest of their hair at Awards shows and on the runway.  The classic diagonal french braid is another big hit on the runway.

Start your braid at the front of your hairline on either side.  Continue the braiding creating a diagonal as you go so that the braid ends up over the opposite shoulder.  Looser is better for this look.  Remember the tightness of your braid depends on your age as well.   Tighter french braids look good on little girls, and the looser braid adds a soft and sexiness to a woman.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match the braiding with a classic bun or pulled back look.  Jessica Alba looks stunning in this classic french braid that works into her “up-do”.  Better enjoy the braiding while its back girls.  ‘Cause we all know, that just as quick as things come back into style, they head right back out!

So sport a french braid the next time you want to try something fun and different.

Stay Gorgeous Girls…..



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