25 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Than Taxes…

10 Apr


Every now and then I stumble upon another “blogger” that just really catches my interest.  And so I share with you one of my absolute favorites.  She never disappoints me and quite often her blog entries arrive just when I need them the most.  They offer a light-hearted look at some of life’s simple pleasures, and not so simple pleasures.  Read on for a fun and whimsical tale of tax hell-


With the April 17th deadline looming, the headlines are focused on those who haven’t filed their taxes yet.  People who they (whoever they are) have decided are procrastinators, fiscally irresponsible, disorganized idiots, and overall slackers.

They would be describing people like me.

I prepare the taxes for my household, or at least I should be right now.  As I publish this post, I’m down to 8 days.  Eight days that are going to go by in a flash.  Eight days that are most likely going to be the most beautiful spring days ever.   Eight days that I’m going to continue working, paying bills,  some form of housekeeping, sleeping, keeping up with the kids’ comings and goings, fitting in a blog entry or two, trying to fit in a quick jolt to the beach…and somehow fitting in those damned taxes I’ve been putting off.

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