Memorial Day- More Than Just A BBQ Kick-off to Summer

28 May


“I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country” -Nathan Hale

Memorial Day…for many, the official start to Summer.  But for all of us, it should be more than just another 3 day weekend that allows us time to gather around the BBQ for another feasting get-together.

We should all take a moment out of our day, to reflect on those lives lost to protect our freedoms.  Men and women who took the oath to defend their country, and those who live in it. Without hesitation they run into danger, when most of us are running from it.

This day makes me especially think of the Moms and Dads, wives, husbands and children left behind.  They sacrifice so much that is taken for granted.   So this Memorial Day, before you head off to whatever backyard BBQ you may be headed to, please take a moment to say a prayer and give thanks for the service of all who proudly wear the uniform today, and a prayer for the families of those who have lost someone in our armed forces.  This day must be especially difficult for them.  We will always honor their memory, and remember their unselfish service.

Have a safe and peaceful Memorial Day!



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