Look Your Best While Fighting Cancer

15 Feb


Just about every woman reading this can say that she has a friend or a friend of a friend who is going through chemotherapy and suffering from the low self esteem that losing your hair, lashes and brows can bring on.  Not to mention that the overall nauseous feeling that is overwhelming at that time can have even the most confident woman feeling a bit down and out.

So what’s a girl to do when she has lost her locks and is looking for a little help when heading out for a special occasion?  A few tips and tricks can have you looking your best and forgetting all about those missing brows and lashes.

  • When your brows are thinning or have completely gone, turn to powders INSTEAD of pencils to fill in and draw them on.  Choose an eyeshadow or brow powder [they’re basically the same thing] in a color just a shade lighter than your natural hair color.  Using a stiff angle brush use short strokes to fill in the brows.  Start slow…you can always add more.  And when in doubt go with a lighter hand rather than a heavy one.
  • If you still have some lashes, avoid waterproof mascara at all costs.  Waterproof mascara is much harder on natural lashes, so in order to preserve the life of yours as long as possible, steer clear of waterproof.
  • And once your lashes have gone, don’t shy away from false ones.  They’re not as hard as you think to apply.  AND, if you choose the right pair, they will look completely natural.  My favorites…by Monda,   The 747xs for ‘extra short’ look really natural on.  They’re human hair lashes, and go on in a flash.  I like to use the Duo lash adhesive in ‘dark’.  Apply a thin strip of it….wait for it to turn dark, and once it does it’s ready to apply.

Human Hair Eyelashes

  • If false lashes just aren’t your cup of tea, you can darken the lash line which will frame your eyes.  Choose an eyeshadow in a medium to dark brown if you have brown or hazel eyes, or in dark gray or charcoal if you have blue eyes.  Using a short angle brush and short strokes,and work the shadow right into the lash line, or in this case, where your lashes were.  This will give the illusion of lashes.

Stay Gorgeous girls…..


Anne aka MsBeautyBuzz




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