Quick Fix For Chapped Lips

13 Mar


So you have dry chapped lips, and need a quick fix to stop the burning.  First of all STOP licking them.  As hard as it may be to resist the urge, it only makes them worse.  Avoid reaching for products like Vaseline, chapstick and carmex.  They are great for sealing moisture in your lips by putting a barrier over your lips- so reach for them before skiing, surfing or heading into the wind.  But beware, don’t reach for them when your lips are already chapped and dry.  The more you use them, the more you’ll need to use them.  It’s a vicious cycle.  But now that you already have the chapped lips what can you do?

Olive Oil

Head to your kitchen and grab 2 great items that will help exfoliate them first.  Olive oil and sugar.  Apply a small amount, approximately ¼ teaspoon of Olive oil to your lips.  Then rub in a ¼  teaspoon of sugar, working it in well.  Rinse with cool water and your lips should already start feeling better. Follow that with a generous dose of shea butter, cocoa butter or stick with your olive oil.  All 3 are heavy humectants.  For beautiful chap-free lips, apply a little olive oil every night before bedtime.  No need to drench them, just enough to soak in. It’s natural, paraben free, and free of chemicals, and you probably already have it in your kitchen.  

Stay Gorgeous Girls….



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